Maid 2 Clean AZ has developed a systematic, "Rotational Detailed-Cleaning" system to assure that throughout the year, your whole house is maintained, santized and fresh. Everytime our Cleaning Specialists come out to clean your home, our clients get to choose ONE Detailed clean that is included in their price, while VIP members get to pick TWO Detailed Cleaning Options. We will assemble a checklist when you sign up for service and YOU get to tell us what you want cleaned, how often, and how much you want to pay. By allowing our customers all of these great options, you can find a cleaning solution that fits your budget. 

Our General Cleaning checklist


Basics in all rooms:


•Vacuum carpeted floors


•Make beds


•Spot check light fixtures


•Vacuum and steam mop all hard surface floors


•Clean and dust all furniture , wall hangings, pictures


•Empty, clean, and re-bag wastebaskets


•Dust  spider webs


•Clean and shine mirrors


•Clean Laundry room washer/dryer (If inside)




•Clean stove top, drip pans, hood


•Vacuum and steam floors


•Clean microwave inside and out


•Spot wipe cabinet doors, drawers


•Clean sink, stoppers and faucets


•Wipe top, sides and front of refrigerator.


•Spot check all appliances 


•Shine chrome on sink faucets


•Inside patio glass doors


•Clean front of dishwasher and lip


•Empty, clean and re-bag wastebaskets




•Wipe light fixtures


•Clean and shine mirrors


•Clean and sanitize sinks, faucets, toilets


•Wipe toiletries and towel bars


•Clean tub, shower, and basin


•Empty, clean, re-bag wastebaskets


•Clean floors

Detailed-Cleaning Options

•   Fans

•   Dust Blinds

•   Baseboards

•   Clean doors/ molding

•   Windows Interior 

•   Bona Hardwood Floor  


•   Quick Shine spray on floors

•   Vacuum couches and pillows 

•   Change sheets in master bedroom

•   Clean curtains and/or blinds 

•   Clean AC exterior vents

•   Clean inside of Refrigerator (w/o    

     removing food)

•   Deep clean oven/ remove knobs/vents

•   Soap scum removal on shower glass  


•   Outside sliding Glass doors and Tracks

•   Hard water build up on tile in shower   

    surround, including aluminum frame 

•   Grout Cleaning in showers

Maid 2 Clean AZ makes cleaning affordable for All!


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